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It is our duty and our privilege to protect these species. We gather the best science tried and true conservation techniques innovative education activities and an engaged corps of willing volunteers in pursuit of the right combination of activities that will preserve a species before it disappears from our state; help another population recover or; highlight some bird fish mammal or insect that must be protected before it slides towards extinction.

Our mission is to preserve rare and imperiled species of wildlife that live and breed in and migrate through New Jersey. We do this by:

  • Carrying out research on species populations and natural communities.
  • Implementing conservation plans on species or populations to stall declines and start recovery.
  • Restoring habitat so that it can be as productive as possible for wildlife and other natural communities.
  • Educating everyone who lives in New Jersey about our shared wild heritage and our shared responsibility to protect it.
  • Engaging partners to make us effective and efficient in the use of our resources.
  • Developing a committed corps of volunteers connected to our state’s wonderful biodiversity and working hard to protect it.

Some of the projects include the Terrapin Project The Osprey Project and the International Shore Bird Proejct.


  • Street: 501 E. State Street Building 5 3rd floorP.O. Box 420
  • Postcode: 08625
  • City: Trenton
  • State: NJ


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