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A New Year - A New Roof

on Friday, 02 January 2015.

01 02 15 6

We have begun work on the gable roof this week. This work will require a dumpster and trash shute to the parking lot.

01 02 15 2

To keep us all safe from falling debris, we will be closing the entrance on the Boyd Street side, until further notice.


In other news, the new front walkway is getting prepped.

01 02 15 5

The new constrction and repairs on the front entranceway will begin soon. We have closed off the front doorway.

01 02 15 3

We installed a temporary wall and door on the second floor to facilitate the construction while keeping the elements out.

01 02 15 4

The entrance by the Storytime statue is open and the book drop is still out back. Stay tuned for more and Happy New Year!

01 02 15 7

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