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Start Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Looking to entertain and impress some friends! Come and learn not just how to Make one of these delicious snacks, but also some great recipes. Learn a little about the regions these tasty wonders come from, and o course, have a taste!

As long as Formento can remember, food has been the top priority in his family. After spending sixteen years in restaurant kitchens across the country, Formento has returned to his roots in Cape May County to raise his own family. Having worked in very progressive atmospheres in California and North Carolina, he has been involved firsthand in today's “going green” movement. He hopes to help motivate healthy, organic, sustainable, and locally-based food practices. Though not at all a vegetarian, he believes strongly in a balanced approach to cooking, and finding the most delicious way possible in which to do it. Formento currently works at Green Street Market in Rio Grande.

Library: Cape May Court House Library |  Kitchen

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