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Library Board

Board Members

Freeholder: E. Marie Hayes

Cape May County Library Commission will hold its monthly meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:30pm in the Board Room of the Cape May County Library in Cape May Court House, NJ. All meetings are open to the public.


  • Jacqueline Henderson (Vice Chair)
  • Pattiann Ponichtera (Secretary)
  • Barry Mastrangelo
  • William Hutchinson
  • Michael Ludgate

Commission Schedule

Click Here to view the 2017 Commission Schedule

Library Board Meeting Minutes

January Closed Minutes 2013

January Minutes 2013

February Closed Minutes 2013

February Minutes 2013

March Closed Minutes 2013

March Minutes 2013

April Closed Minutes 2013

April Minutes 2013

May Closed Minutes 2013

May Minutes 2013

June Closed Minutes 2013

June Minutes 2013

August Closed Minutes 2013

August Minutes 2013

September Closed Minutes 2013

September Minutes 2013

October Closed Minutes 2013

October Minutes 2013

December Closed Minutes 2013

December Minutes 2013

January Closed Minutes 2014

January Minutes 2014

February Closed Minutes 2014

February Minutes 2014

March Closed Minutes 2014

March Minutes 2014

April Closed Minutes 2014

April Minutes 2014

May Closed Minutes 2014

May Minutes 2014

June Closed Minutes 2014

June Minutes 2014

July Closed Minutes 2014

July Minutes 2014

August Closed Minutes 2014

August Minutes 2014

September Closed Minutes 2014

September Minutes 2014

October Closed Minutes 2014

October Minutes 2014

November Closed Minutes 2014

November Minutes 2014

December Closed Minutes 2014

December Minutes 2014

January Closed Minutes 2015

January Minutes 2015

February Closed Minutes 2015

February Minutes 2015

March Closed Minutes 2015

March Minutes 2015

April Closed Minutes 2015

April Minutes 2015

May Closed Minutes 2015

May Minutes 2015

June Closed Minutes 2015

June Minutes 2015

July Closed Minutes 2015

July Minutes 2015

August Closed Minutes 2015

August Minutes 2015

September Closed Minutes 2015

September Minutes 2015

October Closed Minutes 2015

October Minutes 2015

November Closed Minutes 2015

November Minutes 2015

December Closed Minutes 2015

December Minutes 2015

January Closed Minutes 2016

January Minutes 2016

February Minutes 2016

February Closed Minutes 2016

March Minutes 2016

March Closed Minutes 2016

April Minutes 2016

April Closed Minutes 2016

May Minutes 2016

May Closed Minutes 2016

June Minutes 2016

June Closed Minutes 2016

July Minutes 2016

July Closed Minutes 2016

August Minutes 2016

August Closed Minutes 2016

September Minutes 2016

September Closed Minutes 2016

October Minutes 2016

October Closed Minutes 2016

November Minutes 2016

November Closed Minutes 2016

Library Budget

 2014 Budget

2015 Budget short

2016 Budget

Program Calendar January: Calendar of Library Events for Adults

Program Calendar February: Calendar of Library Events for Adults

CMCLreads 2017

TLC Talk: Find out what classes and clubs are going on in the Technology Learning Center.

How To Zinio: How to access Zinio for Libraries

Library Alerts: Receive alerts regarding branch closings and altered schedules

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Samsung Chromebooks powered by Chrome OS can be borrowed and used in the Library. Patrons can surf the web, stream videos, listen to music, post to social networks, play games, or create documents. Some features may require users to have a Google Account, click here to create one. Currently, Chromebooks are only available to borrow at the Main Branch in Court House. Patrons must be 18 years of age or older to borrow a Chromebook and he or she must leave ID with staff while borrowing the Chromebook. Please call the Reference Desk for further information – 609.463.6352.

Click here for the Library's full Chromebook Usage Policy Agreement.

chromebook lapi

Helpful information:

Click here for the Chromebook User Guide

Click here for Chromebook Touchpad Tips

Click here to create your Google Account

Click here for Google Help

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